Our Values

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion

We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels they belong, there is fairness and respect for everyone as an individual, and diverse perspectives and ideas thrive.

Creativity & Innovation

We will foster a culture of creativity and innovation where we take time to seek innovative, better solutions and problem-solving, focusing on delivering value to our user’s community.


We value professional excellence in the delivery of world class transformational science This is founded on ways of working where leadership, integrity, personal responsibility and safety are at the heart of everything we do.


We are aligned around common goals and actively create and promote collaborative working across cultural and geographical, functional and specialist boundaries. In doing this we will communicate appropriately and in an open manner, delivering on commitments and building long term supportive, trusting and professional relationships.


We take a long-term view and ensure sustainability is integrated into everything we do, taking into account social, financial, ecological and environmental responsibilities, both globally and locally. In doing this we demonstrate care towards the people, places and resources on which we rely and seek to build long-term sustainable relationships.