Flexible Working

SKAO is committed to providing a flexible working environment aiding the wellbeing of our employees whilst also fulfilling the needs and objectives of the Observatory. We actively encourage open conversations during the interview and application process in relation to any specific working preferences. Individual flexible working arrangements are considered alongside the mutual needs of the organisation taking into specific consideration the responsibilities and accountabilities of the role and team.

We recognise the importance of face to face interaction, particularly for new joiners, and a blended approach of in-person collaboration and virtual ways of working are key to ensuring our offices across all locations are a global nexus for radio astronomy.

With this in mind, in order to provide a fair framework for flexible working, the SKAO has agreed a general approach for all employees. In addition each team also has its own team charter where unique demands on when and how it needs to work are expressed.

In principle, our general guidelines are that Colleagues should aim to spend the majority of their working time in their base location except where their role makes other demands. Flexible working must be in the mutual interest of all parties with open communication and collaboration being key to the success and support of flexibility.